Capstone Experience

The Capstone Experience

Students in Interdisciplinary Studies complete their programs of study through engaging in a two-semester Capstone Experience designed to integrate their academic studies with their career goals and facilitate the transition from student to professional.  Students have the opportunity to  complete either an internship or senior research thesis.


Internship I and II (IST 496 and 498)


Students who wish to participate in an internship to gain work experience in their fields of professional interest complete a two-semester internship sequence.  In Internship I (IST 496, 3 credit hours), students engage in 120 hours of supervised on-site work experience at an approved business, agency, or organization, in addition to completing academic readings and assignments.  In Internship II (IST 498, 3 credit hours), students engage in study, research, and writing designed to facilitate their transition from student to professional.


Senior Research Thesis (AIS 380 and 430)


Students who wish to engage in undergraduate research complete a two-semester research sequence. A research proposal is developed in AIS 380 (3 credit hours) and the project is completed in AIS 430 (3 credit hours) under the supervision of a USA faculty member with expertise in the area of study. The Senior Research Thesis is designed to allow students to develop additional skills in critical thinking, writing, and research and is particilarly suitable for those considering graduate study.