Interdisciplinary Degree Program

An interdisciplinary approach to education recognizes the important and necessary contributions of different fields of knowledge in the pursuit of truth and yet it seeks to integrate, if possible, or hold in tension, if necessary, disciplinary insights that enable us to more effectively ask the better questions that may ultimately enhance the well- being of all living entities. Put simply, interdisciplinarians are needed to work alongside disciplinarians to help us appreciate, solve, and/or manage complex problems that often go beyond the ability of those functioning from a single discipline of study.


The IDP 54-hour concentration requirement is met by a uniquely-designed program of study that includes courses from three academic disciplines. IDP students, working in conjunction with an IDP advisor, will plan a unique course of study that leads to a B.A. or B.S. degree. The course of study, or concentration, is conceptually related to, and directly addresses, a particular educational and/or career need. There are several concentrations from which a student may choose, including:


bulletAdministrative Sciences (B.S.)

bulletApplied Sciences (B.S.)

bulletApplied Arts (B.A.)

bulletCommunity Services (B.A.)

bulletHuman Services (B.A.)

bulletLiberal Studies (B.A.)

bulletProfessional Development (B.S.)



Student: Charles Higginbotham

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