A-Z Index

Title/Link Phone Number Categories Index
About USA   Students, Parents, Admissions A
Academic Advising (251) 460-6251 Students, Parents, Academics, Student Services A
Academic Affairs (251) 460-6261 Faculty, Staff, Academics, Student Services A
Academic Calendar   Students, Parents, Faculty, Staff, Admissions, Academics A
Academic Computing (251) 460-6161 Faculty, Staff A
Academic Success and Retention (251) 460-6475  Students, Student Services A
Academics   Students, Parents, Faculty, Staff, Academics A
Accelerated College Enrollment Program (251) 460-6364 Students, Parents A
Accounting (251) 460-7167 Faculty, Staff  A
Accounts Payable (251) 460-6191 Faculty, Staff A
Administrative Departments   Students, Parents, Faculty, Staff  A
Admissions (251) 460-6141 Students, Parents, International A
Air Force ROTC (251) 460-7211 Students, Athletics, Academics, International, Employment A
Alabama Center for Estuarine Studies (ACES)   Faculty, Staff, Centers A
Alabama Research and Education Network (334) 242-0100 Faculty, Staff, Centers A
Alabama Virtual Library (256) 971-7487  Students A
Allied Health Professions, College of (251) 445-9250 Students, Academics A
Alpha Epsilon Delta   Students A
Alpha Omicron Pi   Students A
Alumni - About Us (251) 460-7084  Alumni A
Alumni Association Scholarships & Awards (251) 460-7084  Students, Parents, Alumni A
Alumni Board of Directors (251) 460-7084  Alumni A
Alumni Chapters and Societies (251) 460-7084  Alumni A
Alumni e-Newsletter - SouthSpots (251) 460-7084  Alumni A
Alumni Insurance (251) 460-7084  Alumni A
Alumni Magazine - Looking South (251) 460-7084  Alumni A
Alumni Membership (251) 460-7084  Alumni A
Alumni Relations (251) 460-7084  Alumni A
Alumni Visa Card (251) 460-7084  Alumni A
Apply (251) 460-6141 Students, Parents, Admissions, International A
Aquatics (251) 460-6065 Students, Student Services, Athletics A
Archaeology Museum (251) 460-6106 Students A
Archives (251) 434-3800 Faculty, Staff  A
Army ROTC (251) 460-6341 Students, Athletics, Academics, International, Employment A
Art Gallery - University Library (251) 460-7025 Students, Arts A
Arts and Sciences, College of   Students, Academics A
Athletics   Athletics, Student Services A
Athletics Composite Calendar   Athletics A
Athletics, USA Jaguars   Athletics A
AU Harrison School of Pharmacy at USA (251) 445-9300 Students, Faculty, Academics A
Baldwin County Campus (251) 928-8133 Students, Parents, Faculty, Staff, Academics, Student Services B
Bands (251) 460-7328 Students, Student Services B
Banner Documentation for Staff (requires login)   Faculty, Staff B
Banner Login   Faculty, Staff B
Baptist Campus Ministries (251) 344-5904 Students B
Baseball (251) 460-6876 Athletics B
Basketball, Men's (251) 460-6104 Athletics B
Basketball, Women's (251) 460-7961 Athletics B
Biological Sciences, Department of (251) 460-6331 Students, Academics B
Biomedical Library (251) 460-7044 Students B
Biomedical Sciences, Department of (251) 445-9265 Students, Academics B
Board of Trustees (251) 460-7745 Faculty, Staff  B
Bookstore (251) 460-7012 Students, Parents, Faculty, Staff, Alumni, Student Services B
Budget Office (251) 460-6122 Faculty, Staff  B
Bulletin - Current Undergraduate/Graduate   Students, Parents, Faculty, Staff, Admissions, Media  B
Bulletin - Previous Years   Students, Academics, Media B
Business Office/General Accounting (251) 460-6241 Faculty, Staff  B
Bursar, Office of (251) 460-6195 Students B
Business, Mitchell College of (251) 460-7167 Students B
Business Opportunities (251) 460-6151 Faculty, Staff  B
Campus Calendar   Students, Parents, Faculty, Staff, Admissions, Student Services  C
Campus Involvement, Office of (251) 460-7003  Students C
Campus Map   Students, Parents, Alumni C
Campus Mass E-mail Procedures   Faculty, Staff  C
Campus Master Plan (251) 460-6211   C
Campus Police (251) 460-6312 Students, Parents, Faculty, Staff C
Campus Recreation (251) 460-6065 Students, Parents, Faculty, Staff  C
Cardiorespiratory Care, Department of (251) 445-9260 Students, Academics C
Career Services (251) 460-6188 Students, Alumni, Centers, Student Services C
Catholic Student Association (251) 343-3662 Students C
Center for Academic Service-Learning and Civic Engagement (CASLCE) (251) 460-6261 Students, Centers C
Center for Archaeological Studies  (251) 460-9226 Students, Centers C
Center for Business and Economic Research (251) 460-7167 Centers C
Center for Continuing Education and Conference Services (251) 405-9930 Students, Centers C
Center for Emergency Response Training (251) 461-1832 Students, Centers C
Central Utilities (251) 460-6069 Faculty, Staff  C
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Department of (251) 460-6160 Students, Academics C
Chemistry, Department of (251) 460-6181 Students, Academics C
Chi Omega   Students C
Children's and Women's Hospital (251) 415-1000 Faculty, Staff, Centers C
Children's Park, Geri Moulton (251) 415-1000 Faculty, Staff  C
CISSTEM (Center for Integrative Studies
    in Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)
(251) 380-2892 Students, Faculty, Academics, Centers C
Civil Engineering, Department of (251) 460-6174 Students, Academics C
Coastal Weather Research Center (251) 460-6915 Students, Centers C
Colleges and Departments   Students, Parents, Faculty, Staff, Admissions, Academics  C
Common Read/Common World   Students C
Communication, Department of (251) 380-2800 Students, Academics C
Community Counseling (251) 380-2734 Students C
Comparative Medicine   Students C
Computer and Information Sciences, School of (251) 460-6390 Students, Academics C
Computer Engineering, Department of (251) 460-6117 Students, Academics C
Computer Lab (251) 460-6077 Students C
Computer Services Center Workshops (251) 460-6161 Faculty, Staff, Centers  C
Computer Services Center (251) 460-6161 Faculty, Staff, Centers C
Computer Use Policy   Students, Faculty, Staff C
Comrades of Courage (251) 533-8802 Students C
Consumer Information for Students   Students C
Contact Alumni Relations (251) 460-7084  Alumni C
Continuing Education and Special Programs, School of (251) 460-6283 Students, Academics, Student Services C
Continuing Education Special Courses (251) 405-9928 Students, Faculty, Staff, Academics, Student Services  C
Continuing Medical Education (251) 414-8080 Students, Faculty, Academics  C
Cooperative Education and Internship Program (251) 460-6188 Students, Admissions C
Council of International Student Organizations (251) 460-6050 Students, International C
Counselors (251) 460-6141 Students, Parents, Admissions C
Counseling and Testing Services (251) 460-7051 Students, Parents, Faculty, Staff, Admissions, Academics, Student Services C
Course Catalog   Students, Faculty, Admissions, Media  C
Criminal Justice, Department of (251) 460-7161 Students, Academics C
Cross Country (251) 460-7656 Athletics C
Curriculum and Instruction, Department of (251) 380-2894 Students, Academics C
Dance Team   Students, Athletics D
Dauphin Island Sea Lab (251) 861-2141 Students D
Dean of Students Office (251) 460-6172 Students, Student Services D
Degree Verifications (703) 742-4200 Students, Faculty  D
Departments   Students, Parents, Faculty, Staff, Academics  D
Development (251) 460-7032 Alumni D
Dining Services (251) 460-6296 Students, Parents, Faculty, Staff, Admissions, Student Services  D
Directions and Maps (251) 460-6211 Students, Parents, Faculty, Staff, Admissions  D
Directions to USA Main Campus (251) 460-6211 Students, Parents, Admissions D
Directories   Students, Parents, Faculty, Staff, Alumni  D
Disability Services (251) 460-7212 Students, Parents, Faculty, Staff, Student Services D
Distance Learning Campus - USA Online   Students, Faculty, Student Services D
Dog River Watershed   Students D
Download Software   Students, Faculty, Staff, Student Services D
Dr. Bill's Marine Weather   Students D
Dramatic Arts, Department of (See Theatre & Dance) (251) 460-6305 Students, Academics D
Due South     D
Dugout Club   Athletics D
Earth Sciences, Department of (251) 460-6381 Students, Academics E
Economics and Finance, Department of (251) 460-7167 Students, Academics E
Education, College of (251) 380-2738 Students, Academics E
Educational Leadership and Foundations, Department of (251) 380-2738 Students, Academics E
Educational Technologies and Services (251) 460-6317 Faculty, Staff, Academics E
Educational Talent Search (251) 380-2620 Students, Faculty E
e-Forms   Faculty, Staff E
eLearning   Students, Faculty, Staff E
Electrical and Computer Engineering (251) 460-6117 Students, Academics E
Electronic Journals - Biomedical Library   Faculty, Staff E
Electronic Journals - University Library   Faculty, Staff E
Emergency Management Agency Preparedness Guide, Mobile County   Faculty, Staff E
Emergency Medical Services Education (251) 461-1832 Students E
Emergency Preparedness   Students, Parents, Faculty, Staff  E
Employee Assistance Program (251) 461-1346 Faculty, Staff E
Employee Discount Programs   Faculty, Staff E
Employment Opportunities (251) 460-6133 Staff, Employment E
English Language Center (251) 460-7185 Students, Faculty, Staff, Admissions, Centers, International, Student Services E
Engineering, College of (251) 460-6140 Students E
English, Department of (251) 460-6146 Students, Academics E
Enrollment Certifications (703) 742-4200 Students E
Enrollment Services (251) 460-6494 Students, Faculty, Staff E
Entertainment and Travel Regulations (251) 460-6242 Students, Faculty, Staff E
Environmental and Toxicology Graduate Program (251) 460-6181 Students E
Facilities Management (251) 460-6121 Faculty, Staff F
Facilities Planning and Construction (251) 460-7127 Faculty, Staff F
Faculty Benefits (251) 460-6133 Faculty, Staff F
Faculty Club (251) 461-1632 Faculty, Staff F
Faculty Employment Opportunities (251) 460-6261 Faculty, Employment F
Faculty Handbook   Faculty, Staff F
Faculty Senate (251) 460-6737 Faculty, Staff, Academics F
Family Medicine (251) 434-3484 Students F
Family Weekend (251) 460-6172 Parents F
FAQ   Students, Faculty, Staff F
FERPA   Students, Student Services F
Final Examination Schedule (251) 460-6251 Students, Faculty, Staff, Academics, Student Services F
Finance and Administration (251) 460-6241 Faculty, Staff F
Financial Aid (800) 305-6828 Students, Parents, Admissions, Student Services F
Financial Aid Student Guide - US DOE   Students, Admissions F
Financing Your Education (251) 460-6141 Students, Admissions F
Find a Doctor   Parents, Faculty, Staff F
Football (251) 445-4004 Athletics F
Foreign Languages and Literature, Department of (251) 460-6291 Students, Academics F
French (Major) (251) 460-6291 Students, Academics F
Future Students   Students F
Gender Diversity Collective (251) 460-6347 Students G
Gender Studies Interest Group (251) 460-7540 Students G
General Education   Students, Parents, Faculty, Staff G
General Information and History (251) 460-6101 Students, Parents G
Gerontology Interdisciplinary Program (251) 460-6020 Students G
Getting Started (251) 460-6141 Parents, Admissions G
Give to USA (251) 460-7032 Parents, Faculty, Staff, Alumni G
Glenn Sebastian Nature Trail   Athletics, Students, Student Services G
Goals and Purposes of the University   Students G
Golden Key Honor Society   Students G
Golf, Men's (251) 460-6213 Athletics G
Golf, Women's (251) 460-6446 Athletics G
Governmental Relations, Office of (251) 460-7277 Faculty, Staff G
Graduate Majors   Students, Admissions G
Graduate Medical Education (GME)   Students, Faculty G
Graduate Programs (251) 460-6310 Students, Faculty, Admissions, Academics G
Graduate School (251) 460-6310 Students, Parents, Faculty, Staff, Admissions G
Graduation (251)460-6251 Students, Faculty, Staff G
Grants Administration and Development Office (251) 460-6307 Faculty, Staff G
Grants and Contracts Accounting (251) 460-6434 Faculty, Staff G
Greek Life (251) 460-7003  Students, Student Services G
Gulf Coast Behavioral Health & Resiliency Center   Centers G
Gulf Coast Region   Students G
Health Pre-Professions Program (251) 445-9280 Students, Academics H
Health Sciences Bookstore (251) 434-3635 Students H
Health Sciences Division   Faculty, Staff H
Health Systems Grants Administration & Development Office (251) 460-6307 Students, Faculty, Staff H
Health, Physical Educaiton and Leisure Services, Department of (251) 460-7131 Students, Academics H
Higher Education Partnership (334) 832-9911 Alumni H
History, Department of (251) 460-6750 Students, Academics H
Homecoming   Students, Parents, Faculty, Staff, Alumni, Athletics H
Honors Program (251) 461-1637 Students, Parents, Admissions, Academics H
Honors Program Scholarships (251) 461-1637 Students, Parents H
Housing & Dining (251) 460-6185 Students, Parents, Admissions, Student Services H
Human Performance and Joint Restoration Center   Faculty, Staff, Centers H
Human Resources (251) 460-6133  Faculty, Staff, Employment H
(251) 460-7104
International, Parents, Students, Student Services I
Indian Students Association   Students I
Information Technology (251) 460-6161 Students, Faculty, Staff I
Innovation in Learning Center (ILC)  (251) 461-1888 Faculty, Staff, Centers, Student Services I
Institutional Effectiveness (251) 460-6447 Students, Faculty I
Institutional Research (IR), Office of (251) 460-7859 Faculty, Research, Staff I
Instructional Design and Development (251) 380-2861 Students I
Instructional Media Center   Students, Faculty, Centers I
Internal Audit (251) 460-7087 Faculty, Staff I
International Admissions (251) 460-6283 Students, International I
International Education (251) 460-7053 Students, Faculty, Admissions, International, Student Services I
International Society for Heart Research   Faculty I
International Students (251) 460-7053 Students, Admissions, International I
International Studies Program (251) 460-6291 Students, Admissions, Academics, International I
Intramural Sports (251) 461-1627 Students, Athletics, Student Services I
iTunes U   Students, Faculty, Media I
Jag Card (251) 460-6077 Students, Parents, Faculty, Staff, Student Services J
Jag Gear (251) 460-7012 Students J
Jag Success Parent Connection (251) 460-6475 Parents J
Jag Tran (251) 460-7777 Students, Parents, Faculty, Staff, Student Services J
JagMail   Students, Faculty, Staff J
JagMedia (251) 380-2800 Students, Student Services J
JagTraks Registration Guide   Students, Parents, Faculty J
JAG-TV (251) 380-2817  Students, Media, Student Services J
Jaguar Junction (251) 460-7084 Alumni J
Jaguar Marching Band (251) 460-6136 Students, Student Services J
Jaguar Productions (251) 460-7144 Students, Arts, Student Services J
Jaguar Wellness Program   Students, Faculty, Staff, Parents J
Job Opportunities (251) 460-6133 Faculty, Staff, Employment J
Kappa Alpha Order   Students K
Karate, Shotokan   Students K
Laidlaw Performing Arts Center   Arts, Centers L
Lexis-Nexis Subscription provided by University Libraries   Students L
Libraries (251) 460-7025 Students, Faculty, Staff, Academics L
Library Art Galleries   Students, Arts L
Licensing (251) 460-6171 Faculty, Staff L
Looking South (251) 460-7084  Media L
Lung Biology, Center for (251) 460-7086 Students, Centers L
Maintenance Request (251) 460-6161 Faculty, Staff M
Malaysia Students Council   Students M
Marine Sciences, Department of (251) 460-7136 Students, Academics M
Marx Library (251) 460-7025 Students, Faculty, Staff, Academics M
Mathematics and Statistics, Department of (251) 460-6264 Students, Academics M
MCOB Business Library (251) 460-7997 Students M
Meal Plans   Students, Parents M
Mechanical Engineering, Department of (251) 460-6168 Students, Academics M
Medical Alumni Association (251)  460-6805 Alumni M
Medical Center (251) 471-7000 Students, Faculty, Centers M
Medicine, College of (251) 460-7176 Students M
Melton Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (251)460-6902 Centers M
Meteorology, Department of   Students, Academics M
Microbiology and Immunology, Department of (251) 460-7108 Students, Academics M
Midweek Memo (251) 460-6211 Faculty, Staff, Media M
Military Science, Department of (251) 460-6341 Students, Academics M
Mission Statement   Students M
Mitchell Cancer Institute (251) 460-6993 Faculty, Staff, Centers M
Mitchell Center (251) 461-1632 Students, Parents, Faculty, Staff, Centers, Student Services M
Mitchell College of Business   Students, Academics M
Multicultural Student Affairs, Office of (251) 460-6895 Students, Parents, Student Services M
Music, Department of (251) 460-6136 Students, Academics M
Muslim Student Association   Students M
Network and Computing Support (251) 460-6161 Faculty, Staff N
News   Students, Faculty, Staff, Media N
Nursing - Adult Health (251) 445-9400 Students N
Nursing - Community/Mental Health (251) 445-9400 Students N
Nursing - Maternal/Child Health (251) 445-9400 Students N
Nursing, College of (251) 445-9400 Students N
Occupational Therapy, Department of (251) 445-9222 Students, Academics O
Officers and Deans   Faculty, Staff O
Official USA Symbols   Faculty, Staff O
Open Enrollment Benefits Guide   Faculty, Staff O
Operations and Physical Plant (251) 460-6121 Faculty, Staff O
Oracle   Students, Arts, Media, Student Services O
Organization of the University   Students O
Orientation (251) 460-7093 Students, Parents, Admissions, Student Services O
Outdoor Adventure (251) 460-6214 Students, Athletics, Student Services O
Parking Services (251) 461-1481 Students, Parents, Faculty, Staff, Admissions, Student Services P
PAWS   Students, Faculty, Staff P
PAWS - Faculty Training Course    Faculty, Staff P
PAWS Information   Students, Faculty, Staff P
Payroll Accounting (251) 460-6471 Faculty, Staff P
Phi Beta Delta   Students P
Phi Kappa Phi   Students P
Philosophy, Department of (251) 460-6248 Students, Academics P
Physical Therapy, Department of (251) 445-9330 Students, Academics P
Physician Assistant Studies, Department of (251) 445-9334 Students, Academics P
Physics, Department of (251) 460-6224 Students, Academics P
Pi Kappa Alpha   Students P
Police (251) 460-6312 Students, Parents, Faculty, Staff, Admissions, Student Services P
Policy on Ebola Screening   Students, Faculty, Staff P
Political Science and Criminal Justice, Department of (251) 460-7161 Students, Academics P
Post Office (251) 414-8191  Students, Faculty, Staff, Student Services P
Postdoctoral Education, Office of (251) 460-6310 Students, Student Services, Admissions P
President's Office  (251) 460-6141 Faculty, Staff, Students, Parents P
Press Releases   Students, Faculty, Staff, Media P
Property/Inventory (251) 460-6150 Faculty, Staff P
Prospective Students (251) 460-6141 Students, Parents, Admissions P
Prowlers   Students, Athletics P
Psychiatry, Department of (251) 450-4359 Students, Academics P
Psychology, Department of (251) 460-6371 Students, Academics P
Public Relations, Office of (251) 460-6211 Faculty, Staff P
Public Relations Student Society   Students P
Publication Services (251) 380-2828 Students, Faculty, Staff, Media, Student Services P
Purchase Athletic Tickets  (251) 461-1872 Athletics P
Purchasing Department (251) 460-6151 Faculty, Staff P
Quick Facts about USA   Students, Parents, Alumni Q
Radiologic Sciences, Department of (251) 445-9346 Students, Academics R
Readmissions Requirements (251) 460-6251 Students, Admissions R
Records Management (251) 460-6050 Faculty, Staff R
Recruitment Team (251) 460-6141 Students, Admissions R
Register for Class (251)460-6251 Students, Admissions R
Registrar (251)460-6251 Students, Faculty, Staff, Student Services R
Request Information (251) 460-6141 Students, Admissions R
Research (251) 460-6333 Faculty, Staff, Research R
Research Centers   Faculty, Staff, Centers, Research R
Research Compliance, Office of (251) 460-6625 Faculty, Staff, Research R
Research Council (251) 460-6310 Faculty, Staff R
Research Program - Undergraduate (251) 460-7527 Faculty, Staff R
Risk Management (251) 460-6232 Faculty, Staff R
Running with the Jags   Alumni, Athletics R
SACS Accreditation (251) 460-6447 Faculty, Staff S
Safety and Environmental Compliance (251) 460-7070 Faculty, Staff S
Safety on Campus (251) 460-6312 Students, Parents S
Schedule a Tour (251) 460-6141 Students, Parents, Admissions S
Schedule of Classes   Students, Parents, Faculty, Staff, Admissions, Academics S
Scholarships (251) 460-6141 Students, Parents, Admissions, Student Services S
Service Learning (251) 460-6261 Students, Student Services S
Services to the Community   Students S
Services to the University   Students S
Services to the World   Students S
Services   Students, Faculty, Staff S
Sexual Harassment/Sexual Violence (Title IX) (251) 460-6452 Students S
Sigma Chi   Students S
Sigma Xi   Students S
Small Business Development Center (251) 460-6004 Faculty, Staff, Centers S
Soccer (251) 414-8253 Athletics S
Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work, Department of (251) 460-6347 Students, Academics S
Softball (251) 460-1342 Athletics S
Sororities and Fraternities (251) 460-7003 Students, Parents S
South Alabama Research and Inservice Center (SARIC) (251) 380-2741   S
Southbound Orientation (251) 460-7093 Admissions S
SOUTHcat (251) 460-6480 Students S
SOUTHcat Plus (251) 460-6480 Students S
Southerners (251) 460-7084 Alumni S
SouthFit Class Schedule (251) 460-7268 Students, Parents, Faculty, Staff, Athletics, Student Services S
Special Courses   Students, Admissions, Media S
Special Education, Department of (251) 380-2738 Students, Academics S
Special Sports Events (251) 460-6065 Students, Athletics, Student Services S
Speech Pathology and Audiology, Department of (251) 445-9378 Students, Academics S
Sponsored Projects, Office of (251) 460-7888 Students S
Sports   Students, Athletics S
Sports Clubs (251) 460-6214 Students, Athletics, Student Services S
Staff Benefits (251) 460-6133 Faculty, Staff S
Staff Handbook (251) 460-6133 Faculty, Staff S
Standing Committees   Faculty, Staff, Academics S
STAT (251) 460-7084 Alumni S
Strategic Diversity Plan (251) 460-6294 Faculty,   S
Strategic Plan (251) 460-6141 Faculty, Staff S
Student Academic Success & Retention (251) 460-6475 Students, Parents, Student Services S
Student Accounting, Office Of (251) 460-6195 Students, Faculty, Staff, Student Services S
Student Activities (251) 460-7003 Students, Admissions S
Student Affairs, Division of (251) 460-6171 Students, Faculty, Staff, Student Services S
Student Center (251) 460-7090 Students, Centers, Student Services S
Student Code of Conduct   Students, Student Services S
Student Discounts   Students, Student Services S
Student Employee Policy   Students, Employment S
Student Government Association (SGA) (251) 460-7191 Students, Student Services S
Student Handbook   Students, Parents S
Student Health Center (251) 460-7151 Students, Parents, Faculty, Staff, Centers, Student Services S
Student Health Insurance (251) 460-6022 Students, Student Services S
Student Information (Record) Changes (251) 460-6251 Students, Faculty, Staff S
Student Job Search Assistant   Students, Employment S
Student Loans   Students, Parents S
Student Organizations (251) 460-7003 Students, Student Services S
Student Recreation Center (251) 460-6065 Students, Parents, Faculty, Staff, Centers, Student Services S
Student Services   Students, Parents S
Study Abroad (251) 460-7053 Students, International S
Study Abroad for Parents (251) 460-7053 Parents, International S
Substance Abuse Program (251) 460-7051 Students, Parents, Faculty S
Summer Undergraduate Research Program (251) 460-6101 Students S
System Engineering, Doctor of Science Program (D.Sc. Program) (251) 460-6140 Students S
Tax Accounting (251) 414-8297 Faculty, Staff T
Technology Transfer, Office of (251) 460-7932 Faculty, Staff T
Tennis, Men's (251) 460-6873 Athletics T
Tennis, Women's (251) 460-6266 Athletics T
The Lowdown   Students, Parents, Media, Student Services T
The Prowl   Students, Media, Student Services T
Theatre & Dance, Department of (251) 460-6305 Students, Academics, Art T
Theatre Tickets (251) 460-6306 Arts T
TIAA-CREF  (800) 842-2252 Faculty, Staff T
Title IX   Students, Faculty, Staff, Parents T
Toxicology - Master of Science in Environmental Toxicology (251) 460-6181 Students, Academics T
Track and Field (251) 460-7656 Athletics T
Transcript Request (251) 460-6251 Students, Faculty, Staff T
Transfer Assistance Information (251) 460-6141 Students, Parents, Faculty, Staff, Admissions T
Travel and Entertainment Regulations (251) 460-6242 Students, Faculty, Staff, Student Services T
Travel Services (251) 460-6242 Students, Faculty, Staff T
Tuition and Student Fees (251) 460-6101 Students, Parents, Admissions T
Tuition Payment Plan (251) 460-6195 Parents, Admissions, Student Services T
Tuition Reimbursement   Faculty, Staff, Employment T
Turkish Student Organization   Students T
Undergraduate Majors   Students, Faculty, Staff, Admissions, Academics U
Undergraduate/Graduate Bulletin   Students, Faculty, Staff, Admissions, Academics U
University and College Gonfalons   Students U
University Conflict of Commitment and Financial Conflict of Interest (251) 460-6307 Faculty, Staff U
University Development (251) 460-7032 Faculty, Staff U
Upcoming Alumni Events (251) 460-7084 Students, Faculty, Staff, Alumni U
Update your Alumni Record (251) 460-7084  Alumni U
Upward Bound   Students, Student Services U
Urgent Care (251) 434-3711 Faculty, Staff U
USA Center for Real Estate Studies and Economic Development   Centers U
USA Emergency Plan (251) 460-7070 Faculty, Staff U
USA Federal Credit Union (251) 706-0255 Students, Faculty, Staff, Student Services U
USA Foundation (251) 432-2116 Faculty, Staff U
USA Health System (251) 434-3711 Students, Faculty, Staff, Student Services U
USA Help   Faculty, Staff U
USA Mobile Application   Students, Parents, Faculty, Staff, International, Media U
USAonline (251) 461-1888  Students, Faculty, Staff, Admissions U
USA News   Media U
USA Polling Group (251) 460-7290   U
USA Polling Group Survey Research Center   Centers U
USA Speech and Hearing Center (251) 445-9378 Centers U
USA Technology and Research Park (251) 460-6384 Faculty, Staff U
USA Weather Forecast Center - USA Meteorology Students   Students, Faculty, Staff, Centers U
Vanguard Online (251) 460-6442 Students, Faculty, Staff, Media, Student Services V
Veteran Affairs (251) 460-6251 Students, Student Services V
Vice President of Student Affairs (251) 460-6171 Students V
Violence Prevention Alliance  (251) 460-7003 Students V
Virtual Tour (251) 460-6171 Students, Parents, Alumni, Admissions, Student Services V
Visit the Campus (251) 460-6141 Students, Parents, Admissions V
Visitor Parking (251) 461-1481 Students, Parents V
Visual Arts Department (251) 461-1438 Students, Academics, Arts V
Visual Arts Gallery   Arts V
Volleyball (251) 460-7124 Athletics V
Voter Registration (251) 460-6077 Students V
War and Memory, Center for (251) 460-6146  Academics, Research, Centers W
Weather (251) 460-6999 Students, Faculty, Staff
Web Policies (251) 460-7395 Faculty, Staff W
Web Services (251) 460-7395 Students, Faculty, Staff W
Webmaster Agreement (251) 460-7395 Faculty, Staff
Welcome from the President (251) 460-6111 Students W
Whistleblower Hotline (251) 460-6393 Students, Faculty, Staff W
Women in Science   Faculty, Staff W
Work Study   Students, International, Employment, Student Services W
Writing Center (251) 460-6283 Students, Academics, Centers W