SGA Pavilion/IM Facilities Information


The SGA Pavilion is an impressive outdoor meeting place for USA organizations and groups. This spacious facility comfortably seats up to 120 at the large picnic tables. Enjoy some sand volleyball on two regulation sand volleyball courts, or play horseshoes and tetherball while your burgers sizzle on one of two brick grills. Fill out the form below and call the Intramural Field house to reserve this great venue for your event. Our contact information: phone: 251-461-1627 and fax: 251-461-1673.


Remember, if your event is in need of restrooms, you can reserve the Intramural Field house as well where we provide restroom access and an attendant on stand-by for any questions you may have. If your event is held during our office hours, Monday through Friday 1pm to 6pm, this will be provided at no cost to you. If your event is held at any other time, this service can be provided for $10 dollars per hour