Welcome To JagTV!

Look around to find out more about USA's on campus television station.

We are available on the campus cable network (Channel 63), online, Roku, and even on Apple smartphones. Now you can watch JagTV wherever you are!

Recent News:

We are still working to get the online feed running regularly. It is partly fixed and may or may not work at this very moment since it is so temperamental. However, because we had to change some things, our current JagTV Guide is wrong. So please enjoy whatever is playing at the current moment and check out our Youtube channel for specific episodes of our current shows!

Problems with JagTV or JagTV Online?

Hey, we are all humans and make mistakes but if we messed up with something please contact us and let us know! If you are having problems viewing the online stream click here for more information. If you are having problems viewing the channel on campus via TV please contact us.