Cardio Classes

Cardioboxing/Turbo Kick®: A high-energy kickboxing class with punches & kicks. No physical contact. Low- or high-impact (your choice).


Core Focus: A 15-minute class to increase your core body strength and endurance. Abdominal and lower back exercises to improve functional movement, balance and coordination.


Cycle: Similar to Spinning®, this is indoor bike riding with climbs, sprints, and more! Non-impact & no choreography. Maximum of 25 people per class (first come, first serve). If you have never participated in a Cycle class, please arrive 10 minutes early to learn bike set-up.


H.I.I.T.: High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T.) 30-minute class. Brief intervals of high-exertion cardio exercises alternated with brief rest periods. Expect some high-impact exercises.


Step:  Up the intensity of stepping up & down on a box with fun footwork. Low- or high-impact (your choice).

Step 1 is simple beginner choreography

Step 2 has intermediate/advanced choreography


TRX® Circuit:  Use the TRX® Suspension Trainer to train your cardio, strength, balance, core, and flexibility.  Limit of 12 people per class.  FREE, but must get ticket at the front desk to secure your spot. Tickets available one hour prior to class time.


Water Aerobics: Join us in the pool for a full-body workout! Shallow-water and deep-water movements.  No swimming ability required, but must be comfortable in the pool.  One-piece swimsuit recommended.


Zumba®: Like to dance? This class is for you! Latin-based moves for a cardio workout. Low-or high-impact (your choice).


Strength Classes

Barre Sculpt: Pilates and ballet-based movements to improve core strength, flexibility, and posture.  Low impact and some choreography.  Limit of 24 people per class.


Body Sculpt: Resistance train with dumbbells, exercise bands, Body Bars, medicine balls, stability balls, or kettlebells.


Warrior Fitness:  High-intensity 30-minute strength workout that uses body-weight and resistance band exercises.


Combination Classes

Bootcamp: Alternate between cardio and strength stations for an all-body workout.  Low- or high-impact (your choice).


No Equipment Bootcamp:  Just like it sounds…cardio, strength, and stretching with no equipment.  Meets at the indoor track.  Be prepared for high-impact exercises.  Participants should place valuables in a locker (as there will be no studio space available).  Mats will not be provided for floorwork—patrons may bring their own.


Flexibility Classes

Meditation: Held the 3rd, 4th, and 5th Sunday of each month. Sit easy and rest your mind as a meditation coach guides you. Bring a mat.


Yoga: Lengthen, strengthen, and balance your body. Please ask individual instructors at the beginning of class what type of yoga will be practiced, as their routines may change from week to week. Mat needed.*


*For health reasons we do not provide mats for yoga classes. Please bring your own.  Mats are provided for cardio & sculpt classes.