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Why hire a certified personal trainer?  Individual instruction can give you motivation, teach proper workout form and techniques, relieve boredom, and add variety!


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Buddy Training

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Registration Information


  1. Download the SouthFit Services Contract.  Complete all pages in their entirety, including the waiver (p.2) and health history form (p. 3/4).  Obtain a physician’s clearance if your health indicates (p.5)
  2. Return contract, payment, and physician’s clearance to the front desk of the Recreation Center. Payment is due with the contract. Cash or checks made payable to USA.  No payroll deduction or credit/debit cards.
  3. You will be assigned a trainer who will set up an appointment with you.
  4. If you wish to purchase additional sessions, all payments should be made at the front desk.


All personal trainers hold a national certification and/or a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science.  If you have a special medical need, please call the Fitness Coordinator at 460-7268 to determine if personal training at the Student Recreation Center is right for you.


Equipment Orientation

Learn how to use your choice of the cardiovascular and/or strength machines.  45-60 minutes.


Aqua Personal Training

The above personal training sessions may be done on land or in the pool (or a mixture of both!).  Aqua personal training focuses on improving fitness and function; it is NOT swim lessons.  (For information on swim lessons, please email Daphne Tyson.)

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