University of South Alabama's Quidditch Club/Team was formed in June of 2011 initially as an effort to keep the spirit of Harry Potter alive.


The sport's vast influences of basketball, rugby, flag football, lacrosse, dodgeball, and even water polo, served as a plateau of interests that reached to a demographic of all ages. There is a rising demand for college Quidditch, and the Board has stated that they are considering making Quidditch an NCAA sport. With the amount of physicality growing within the sport, it won't be long until it gets the recognition it deserves.


As a brand new sport to the school, USAQT will be starting with pockets of loose change and high spirits in hopes of qualifying for the Sixth World Cup in April of 2013. Neighboring schools such as Auburn University, University of Alabama, Southern Mississippi University, LSU, University of New Orleans, Florida State University, Florida Atlantic University, Georgia State, University of Tennessee, Texas A&M, University of Texas, and Texas State University are just a few examples of the 2000 currently active College Quidditch Teams.


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