The Manual


The Sports Club program at the University of South Alabama is designed to encourage responsible student participation in organized competitive activities with sports clubs at other institutions and/or involvement in intra-club events such as instruction, practice, socials, and tournament play. If a student organization is based upon some type of physical activity that meets the above mentioned parameters, it will fall under the jurisdiction of the Campus Recreation Sports Club program.


Registered sports clubs may use the name of the University of South Alabama in their organization title. However, when using the University’s name, sports clubs speak only for their club and do not officially represent the University or the Department of Campus Recreation.


The manual has been developed in order to serve as an operation guide for all groups involved in the Campus Recreation Sports Club program. All Campus Recreation sports clubs are to adhere to the policies and procedures set forth in this manual.


The manual is supplemental to general University policies. Situations concerning sports clubs activities not covered here in should be referred to the Sports Club Coordinator, heretofore to be referred to in this manual as the SCC.







All forms must be turned in to Sports Clubs Coordinator.


The Sports Club Information, Liability Waiver, Pre-participation Physical Examination Form are required from every

member of every club at beginning of season/academic year:



The Medical Exam Form is required from every member of clubs involving physical contact.


The Trip Form is required from President or Advisor prior to each off campus event:


The Sports Club Budget Request Form Required from each club Treasurer at the the beginning of each

season/academic year.


Internal club forms for use by club officers are the Checklist of responsibilities and Equipment check-out form.


Sports Club rosters are required from each club at the beginning of each season/academic year AND as new members are added.


Semester Report Form is required from each club at the end of each semester in which the club is active.

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