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Electronic Deposit Forms

SUMMER SEMESTER 2014 - MAY 29, 2014
FALL SEMESTER 2014 - AUGUST 21, 2014


For timely receipt of funds, you will need to sign-up for Electronic Direct Deposit (EDD). EDD permits delivery of your aid (after deduction of University charges) directly to your checking account. For those who do not participate in the EDD Program, your checks will be MAILED to your permanent address on file. We will mail checks within fourteen business days of the disbursement date.

Sign up through PAWS

To Receive Your Aid Through Electronic Direct Deposit:

  1. Establish a checking account, via the bank of your choice or the University of South Alabama Credit Union.
  2. Deadline Spring 2015: Submitting to Student Accounting - January 16, 2015 Submitting via PAWS - January 16, 2015

    PAWS: Sign on to "Enter Secure Area" Student Services and Financial Aid Student Records Direct Deposit Information (Enter Banking Information)
  3. Complete all Federal Financial Aid Eligibility Requirements as specified by the Financial Aid Office, including pre-loan counseling and loan promissory notes.
  4. Ensure that you are enrolled in the appropriate number of credit hours and that you have personal information on PAWS.
  5. Ensure that the University always has your current permanent address.  You can update your personal information on PAWS.
  6. View your EDD information and make changes at any time through PAWS.
Take advantage of Electronic Direct Deposit.   Don't delay in completing and
returning the EDD Forms to USA, or sign up through PAWS - you will get your refund faster!


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