kenneth sherman trim PamJohnson
Dr. Kenneth Hudson Dr. Tim Sherman  Ms. Tray Hamil Dr. Pamela Johnson
Dr. Hudson uses WebEx to allow students to enhance participation and interaction in his sociology course.    Dr. Sherman and Ms. Hamil create colorful and engaging syllabi for their students to increase interest and engagement.  Learn how they do it, and what their students think!  Dr. Johnson uses the flipped learning strategy to maximize learning with her nursing students at University of South Alabama.
Whiston Kinniburgh Amare Lowe
Ms. Leslie Whiston Dr. Leah Kinniburgh Dr. Nicole Amare Dr. Derek Lowe
Ms. Whiston uses Clickers to maximize student engagement and learning in her blended mathematics courses. Dr. Kinniburgh uses VoiceThread as an alternative to traditional threaded discussions in her online courses.  Dr. Amare discusses effective ways to use images in online courses and gives tips for creating quality images. Dr. Lowe uses Turnitin.com to create a better writing and learning experience for his composition students. 
Perez-Pineda Aucoin Litchfield Fisher
Dr. Federico Perez-Pineda Dr. James Aucoin Dr. Brenda Litchfield Dr. Sam Fisher
Dr. Perez-Pineda uses a teleconferencing method to provide quality instruction to multiple sections of the same course. Dr. Aucoin uses Camtasia Studio to make lectures more engaging for his online students.     Dr. Litchfield uses creative methods of giving feedback as a way to motivate her online students. Dr. Fisher uses Profcast to provide content summaries to his students.  
Webb Vandewaa Epley Robinson
Dr. Bret Webb Dr. Elizabeth Vandewaa Dr. Donald Epley Dr. Cheryl Robinson
Dr. Webb targets his assessments to measure specific learning objectives.  Dr. VandeWaa outlines ways to make online lectures engaging and personal. Dr. Epley uses iTunesU to enhance his courses.  Dr. Robinson enhances student online discussions through debates to discuss important health issues.
M Robinson Menon Palanki  
Dr. Mary Ann Robinson Dr. Mohan Menon Dr. Srinivas Palanki  
Dr. Robinson finds that wikis help students connect in online environments. Dr. Menon uses podcasts to help his students access course content.

Dr. Palanki uses screen-capture software to demonstrate engineering problems to his online students.