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The USA PT facilities are now housed on the main University campus in the new Health Sciences Building. Other Health Professions, including, Biomedical Sciences, Cardiorespiratory Care, Emergency Medical Services, Occupational Therapy, Physician Assistant Studies, Radiologic Sciences and Speech Pathology & Audiology. The School of Nursing is also located in a separate wing of the Health Sciences Building.

Our facilities include:
  • Over 18,000 square feet of space, including:
  • Two dedicated PT classrooms with open access Wifi throughout the department
  • Ample laboratory space for practical learning sessions, including:
    • Musculoskeletal PT Lab
    • Neuromuscular PT Lab
    • Integumentary/Physical Agents PT Lab
    • Cardiovascular/Pulmonary PT Lab
    • Anatomical Sciences Lab
    • Motor Performance Research Lab
    • Movement Analysis Research Lab
    • Hydrotherapy Lab
    • Einstein's Deli - HAHN 1st Floor

  Movement Analysis Lab

A research and instruction lab for aspects of movement analysis and observation of human movement.
  • 50 foot long walkway
  • two force platforms
  • manual & computerized gait analysis
  • seven camera video capture system integrated with force platforms and 12 channel EMG

  Musculoskeletal Lab

Students gain skills in all examination and intervention techniques for musculoskeletal and sports/orthopedic injuries.
  • ten hydraulic, adjustable plinths
  • mobilization belts and wedges, taping supplies
  • models of spines & peripheral joints
  • traction table
  • Home cervical and lumbar traction units
  Integumentary-Physical Agents Lab

Students gain skill in integumentary physical therapy and application of electrophysical modalities.
  • dedicated IPA lab with 12 plinths
  • full range of thermal, electrotherapy and mechanical modalities, either kept onsite of brought in throughout the year for lab demonstration and practice
  Neuromuscular PT Lab

Students gain skill in examination and intervention for Neuromuscular conditions, Pediatrics & Therapeutic Exercise.
  • parallel bars, hi-lo mats, low mat tables, tall plinths
  • weight training / exercise equipment
  • Lite Gait (body eight support ambulation training) and rehab treadmill
  • A wide variety of adult and pediatric intervention equipment
  Motor Performance Labs

A research and teaching lab for analysis of aspects of muscle performance.
  • a computerized isokinetic dynamometer
  • exercise bike, arm ergometer, electronic digital inclinometer, hand help dynamometer
  • Electrodiagnostic equipment including verve conduction testing and surface/needle EMG
  Cardiovascular Pulmonary Lab

Students gain skills in PT intervention for the cardiovascular and pulmonary systems.
  • a variety of aerobic exercise equipment including treadmills, cycles, steppers
  • free-weights, cuff weights, theraband
  • Cybex resistance equipment
  Anatomy Lab

A dedicated PT lab for study of human anatomy.
  • allows study of skeleton/bone structures and anatomical prosections
  • the lab is used for study of neuroanatomy specimens
  • the human body dissection still takes place in the College of Medicine Gross Anatomy Lab

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