Graduate Health Education 6-12 Teacher Certification Program

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Health Education 6-12 Teacher Certification

The Health Education (6-12) Program is a teacher certification program designed to prepare the student to teach Health Education in the school. Satisfactory completion of program requirements leads to a Master of Education Degree with eligibility for a Class A Teaching Certificate awarded by the Alabama State Department of Education. The program is 30 credit hours.

Program of Study

The program is approved by the Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE) and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). Students are educated and trained to teach health as a subject, implement school health education programs, promote a healthy school environment, and develop school and community partnerships. Course work includes a variety of curriculum and teaching, professional studies, technology, and teaching field courses. Teaching field course work addresses issues related to substance abuse prevention, nutrition and weight control, disease prevention, and other pertinent health issues. The program of study also provides experiences that introduce and advance student participation in basic research related to the field of health education.


Who Should Apply

If you already possess a Class B teaching certificate or the equivalent in health education and want to further your education, then consider pursuing the Health Education (6-12) Master of Education degree at the University of South Alabama.


Health Education Facilities

The Health, Kinesiology, and Sport Classrooms and Computer Lab are equipped with Smart Board® technology, projectors, and PCs with internet access. Other facilities include a weight-room, two gymnasiums, dance and martial arts studios, and instructional and research laboratories.

            Contact:           Dr. Shelley Holden (251) 461-1611


 Course of Study