Office of Scholarship Services

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 At USA, we recognize the importance of a quality education and are dedicated to helping you find realistic and workable ways to achieve your higher education goals. Investing in our students’ education and training is at the heart of our new campaign, embodying USA’s mission to make a difference in the lives of those it serves. While the cost of college can be daunting, USA offers a variety of scholarship programs that can help you fund your education.
Last year, USA awarded more than $17 million in scholarship dollars, through a variety of programs. These scholarship opportunities include four-year, renewable Freshman Scholarships for incoming traditional freshmen, one-year General Scholarships for new and current students, Transfer Scholarships, and Departmental Scholarships awarded by USA's Colleges and Schools.
We know that finding and applying for scholarships can be hard work, but with JagSPOT - USA's new Scholarship Program Opportunity Tracker - it has never been easier. JagSPOT can help students search for scholarships, complete applications, accept offers, and more. Find out more information about the portal here
Not sure if scholarships are right for you? Have more questions about scholarships in general?

The Office of Scholarship Services is here to provide support and resources to our students, faculty and staff. In looking through this website you’ll find there are many different scholarships, and resources, to consider. We recommend you carefully review the information provided to help you better understand the opportunities and services available.