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Congratulations on your upcoming graduation! 

Students should apply for the graduation term in which all of their degree requirements will be met.  If you are unsure of your graduation term contact your college advisor.

Note regarding commencement: USA has commencement ceremonies in Spring and Fall semesters. Summer candidates participate in the Spring commencement ceremony with the exception of doctoral candidates.  Summer doctoral candidates will have their degree conferred at the Fall commencement ceremony. 

Degree candidates will receive emails to their University Jagmail account and should check their emails often and manage them appropriately.


Graduation Application Deadlines

*It is essential that students apply before the posted deadline.  Failure to apply by the deadline may delay a student’s graduation term.  To apply after the deadline, please refer to Late Graduation Application for more information.

SPRING 2017: CLOSED - Please submit a Late Graduation Application FEE $50
SUMMER 2017: 09-03-2016  thru 02-03-2017 FEE $50
FALL 2017: 02-04-2017 thru 06-02-2017 FEE $50
Spring 2018 06-03-2017 thru 09-01-2017 FEE $50



Follow the step-by-step instructions below to ensure you meet all graduation requirements.

Step 1: Check your official Degree Audit to verify that you have met the minimum requirements to apply for graduation.

Level Minimum Earned Hours Minimum Institutional GPA
Undergraduate 90+ 1.80
Graduate 15+ 2.80
Professional 30+ 2.80


Step 2: Apply for Graduation - 

To apply to graduate, log into your PAWS account and under Student Services, select Student Records, then choose the link  "Apply to Graduate".  

Step-by-step instructions

The $50.00 graduation application fee will be charged to your student account. In order to receive your diploma, all financial obligations to the University must be cleared through the Office of Student Accounting.

If you need additional information, please contact the Registrar's Office at (251) 460-6251 or email

Step 3: Read the instructions listed in the Letter to Degree Candidates


Calendar of Events

March 2017 Graduation Fair
  Official Check Sheet from your college.
  Complete and return the Diploma Mailing Address Change Form, if applicable.
  Ordered cap, gown, and invitations using the USA BOOKSTORE website.
  Order your Transcript
May 2017 Final Grade Posted
  Degree Posted on your Transcripts
 June 2017 Diploma Shipping