The Judicial Branch is comprised of the Chief Justice, Attorney General, and eight Associate Justices, known as the Supreme Court. The Judicial Branch of the SGA is responsible for interpreting the SGA Constitution and all laws passed by the Student Senate. In addition, the Supreme Court hears student disciplinary cases as requested by the Dean of Students, or his or her representatives. The Chief Justice, presides over the Supreme Court. The eight Associate Justices are appointed by the President, with Senate Approval.

  • Chief Justice: Presides over the Student Supreme Court and the University Traffic and Parking Committee. In addition, the Chief Justice is responsible for protecting the rights of the students and upholding the judicial processes of SGA.
  • Attorney General: Ensures that all laws and rules of the SGA are enforced and acts as the prosecutor for SGA. In addition, the Attorney General works with the Governmental Affairs Committee to promote STARS & the Higher Education Partnership activities.

Taylor Davis

Taylor Davis
Chief Justice

Attorney General

Associate Justices

Jean-Pierre Arditi

Hannah Cassady

Zachary Fox

Marlon Johnson

Clark LouAllen

Terri McCray

Noelle Mitchell

Myles Payton

Lauren Prescott

Cordell Spires