Group Classes

Group Classes

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All group fitness classes include modifications for various fitness levels; however, please read our class descriptions that detail the level of choreography and impact you should expect.

Students and members may bring a guest for $10 per visit. The guest fee includes access to the entire facility, not just fitness classes.

Dependents age 10+ may attend classes during dependent hours: Friday after 4:00 PM, all day Saturday, and all day Sunday.  A parent/guardian must attend with the dependent.

Please check our online schedule each day for class changes and/or cancellations.

Water aerobics: The pools close in the event of thunder or lightening. If weather is questionable, follow USA Campus Aquatics on Twitter to see if the pools are open or closed: @USA_Aquatics.

▼   Barre Sculpt
Pilates, yoga, and ballet-based movements to improve core strength, flexibility, and posture.  Low-impact with some choreography. 
▼   BattleFit
Use battle ropes, kettlebells, jump ropes, and other equipment in this circuit-style class to challenge your cardio and strength.  Expect some high-impact exercises.  No choreography.
▼   Body Sculpt
Strength train arms, legs, and core with dumbbells, resistance bands, Body Bars, kettlebells, or exercise balls. Low-impact.
▼   BOSU® Fit:
Use the BOSU® Balance Trainer (which stands for BOth Sides Up, by the way!) to get a total body workout with balance, core, cardio, and strength exercises.
▼   Bootcamp
A mixture of cardio and strength training. Expect some running and other high impact exercises. No choreography.
▼   Core Focus
A 15-minute class to increase your core body strength & endurance. Abdominal and lower back exercises to improve functional movement, balance, and coordination.
▼   Cycle
Similar to Spinning®, this is 50-minute indoor bike riding with climbs, sprints, and more!  If you have never taken a class, please arrive 10 minutes early to learn bike set-up. Non-impact and no choreography.   Maximum of 25 people per class (first come, first serve). Cycle H.I.I.T.: A 30-minute, challenging class focusing on interval training on the bike. Non-impact and no choreography.
▼   Express Lane
Pressed for time? This is our 30-minute indoor bike riding with climbs, sprints, and more! If you have never taken a class, please arrive 10 minutes early to learn bike set-up. Non-impact and no choreography. Maximum of 25 people per class (first come, first serve).
▼   FitTrail
This class will utilize the new Jag Fitness Trail.  You will walk or jog the 1.5 mile trail with brief stops at the three strength/balance stations.   Please see the schedule for which classes are walking and which are jogging.  Park at the Glenn Sebastian Nature Trail off Aubrey Green Drive.  Class meets at the exercise station across the street from the nature trail.
▼   H.I.I.T.
High Intensity Interval Training. Brief intervals of high-exertion cardio exercises alternated with brief rest periods.  Expect some high-impact exercises.  No choreography.
▼   INSANITY® Live!
This is the class version of Shaun T’s popular home workout that uses MAX interval training: short intervals of high intensity with short periods of rest. Contains cardio, plyometric, strength, balance, agility, and coordination exercises. No choreography. Low- or high-impact (modifications shown).
▼   Meditation
Sit easy and rest your mind as a meditation coach guides you.
▼   Power Pilates
Pilates matwork focusing on strengthening your abs, core, and lower back. Low-impact. Bring your own yoga mat; for health reasons, we do not provide.
▼   Step
Did you know step was invented in 1989? It’s still around because of the great cardio and choreography so many people love! Step up and down on a bench to a fun routine. Low- or high-impact.
▼   Stretch and Recover
Build important recovery into your workout routine.  Class will utilize gentle stretches and foam rolling to help muscles relax and repair.
▼   Sunday Variety
Our Sunday 5:30 class will be the instructor’s choice.  The schedule will be posted in the fitness studios and on our Google calendar at  Please check each week for the class type.
▼   SUP!
Use stand-up paddleboards in the indoor pool to challenge your core and balance.  No experience necessary, but participants must be able to jump in the pool (including the deep end), then push themselves up onto a paddleboard.
▼   TRX® Strength
Created by a Navy SEAL, the TRX® Suspension Trainer is used to improve your core, posture, balance, and overall strength. Get out of the weight room and try this popular functional training tool!
▼   Water Aerobics
Join us in the pool for a full-body workout!  One-piece swimsuit recommended.  Indoor pool in cold weather; outdoor pool in warm weather. Low-impact (shallow), non-impact (deep).   You must be able to swim to participate in deep water classes
▼   Yoga
Lengthen, strengthen, and balance your body. Bring your own yoga mat; for health reasons, we do not provide. Beginning Yoga will give more instruction and breakdown of the poses.
▼   Zumba®
A joyful Latin dance class that combines all the rhythms in Latin music. Experience dance moves from Salsa, Cumbia, Merengue, Mambo, Reggaeton, Hip Hop, and more! Choreographed to the music. Low- or high-impact (your choice).
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