MUL/MUE Recital Attendance Concert List

MUL & MUE Classes – CONCERTS LIST    (updated April 20, 2020)

PLEASE NOTE!!!!  USA Laidlaw Concerts and Events are canceled through June 30 (at least).  Please visit our website at often for updates!!

This concert list is provided for USA’s MUL/MUE classes as a resource for concert and recital credit opportunities.  Not every concert on the list is necessarily an approved concert for credit, so it may be necessary to check with your MUL/MUE instructor.  Also, not every available concert may be listed!!  Beware! – last-minute changes happen often, especially when a student recital is involved, hence a concert listed here may have been canceled since the latest update.  ALSO BEWARE -- this is an UNOFFICIAL list of concert events, and we are not responsible for the status of concerts listed that are not on the USA campus.

Users of this list are responsible for checking on the status of all concerts on the list.

Additions or updates to this list will be made as regularly as possible.  If you have any additions, corrections, or suggestions, please submit them to Keith Bohnet (  If you are looking at a hard copy of this list, with any luck you can see it online at the following url –

TICKET INFO… PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!!  For all ticketed USA Department of Music events at Laidlaw, unless otherwise indicated, admission prices are $8 general admission, $5 for USA Faculty & Staff with ID, $5 for USA Students with USA ID, $5 for senior citizens, and $5 for high school youths and younger.  Tickets are sold at the door only approximately 45 minutes before concert time -- CASH OR CHECK ONLY.

DIRECTIONS TO LAIDLAW – for best directions, go to Google Maps and enter “USA Laidlaw Performing Arts Center”… We are on the corner of University Blvd and USA South Drive, one block north of Old Shell Road.

STUDENTS FROM USA and VISITING STUDENTS FROM OTHER CAMPUSES -- We are happy to have you here for our concerts!  It is a joy to be able to share our music with you.  However, PLEASE follow the advice below to ensure you have a positive experience.  Visitors unable to adhere to these guidelines are invited to seek other alternatives for their class concert credit:

1)  Show up early!  Late attendees will not be able to collect a program and will not be admitted to the concert!

2)  NO TALKING DURING THE MUSIC PERFORMANCE.  Such behavior ruins the concerts for audience and performers alike.

3)  Turn your phone OFF.  If you simply must use your phone, sit all the way in back and don't distract others around you.

4)  NO FOOD OR DRINK.  Remember that you are in a concert hall and not a classroom or movie theater.  Be a good guest!

5)  DON'T BRING CHILDREN TO ANY CONCERT unless they are able to stay completely silent and still.  We love your kids, but don't expect your child to be able to perform the impossible!  (We suggest teens and up, however several children 11-12 are fine as well.)

6)  Don't leave or enter the concert hall during the performance!  If you simply must leave early, at least do so in-between pieces of music (such as during or just after the applause).

7)  Be honest with your professor and yourself!  Simply buying a ticket and getting a program does not constitute concert attendance.  Stay for the whole performance, being respectful and courteous to your fellow audience members and the performers throughout the event!

FINAL NOTE:  We are not responsible for off-campus concerts listed here, nor are we responsible for last-minute cancellations, especially involving student recitals!!!

There are no concerts scheduled at this time.